Lincoln to Launch Custom Fragrance in Showrooms

Essence of LincolnLincoln Motors has created a unique fragrance as part of a campaign to develop a stronger emotional connection between the luxury brand and its consumers. “Essence of Lincoln” was designed by a team of experts to create an upscale, relaxing showroom experience.

Designed by world-class aroma marketing leader SensoryMax in conjunction with master frangrance-maker Rene Morgenthaler, Essence of Lincoln was recently awarded the 2014 Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year award.

Select Lincoln dealerships from around the country will allow visitors to experience this award-winning fragrance.“Perfumers are memory makers,” Morgenthaler said. “The sense of smell is very closely connected with a person’s overall perceptions of an experience.”Because the sense of smell is so closely tied to memory, Essence of Lincoln reinforces Lincoln’s brand identity when a consumer encounters it again.

This essence will be available on scent cards for customers to sample, in addition to being dispersed through the facility’s ventilation system. “We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it, both from customers and employees,” said Tony Guerrera, general sales manager of Pompano Beach Lincoln. “It’s a great scent. They really did an excellent job creating it.”

Stay tuned in to for updates on the bring the scent to Spring!