2013 Lincoln MKZ: Beauty Meets Brains

Introducing the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ at Planet Ford Lincoln in Spring

Introducing the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ at Planet Ford Lincoln in Spring

Lincoln has broken the mold of boring and ordinary car design, with the all new 2013 Lincoln MKZ. The Company has fused intelligence and style into one complete elegant platform.

Whether it’s the first or last time you look at the MKZ, you won’t be able to mistake it for an average sedan. The Lincoln MKZ designers took the notion of “elegant simplicity” as their point of departure – and arrived at a luxury sedan whose integration of lines and curves is truly stunning.

From head on, the new split wing grille gives it an aggressive look that still flows with the body lines and aerodynamics of the car. If you’re driving at night, chasing the glow from the full LED headlight system, you’ll be able to stargaze as the panoramic roof slides back turning the sedan into a partial convertible. The MyLincoln Touch system sets the mood to your preference of LED color lighting display. The interior design compliments the curvature of the exterior lines by giving you comfort in elegance. You feel secure and safe while riding in style in the new Lincoln MKZ.

The MKZ’s technology is so inteligent that it can practically drive itself. The Adaptive cruise control (ACC) operates just like normal cruise control, with one exception: Its sensors can detect traffic slowing ahead and automatically slow your car to maintain the distance you’ve set. The MKZ literally parks itself with Active Park Assist and checks your blind spot for you with Bliss Cross-Traffic Alert system.

When you’re ready to experience the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ, take the short drive down I-45 to Planet Lincoln in Spring. Or shop online anytime at www.PlanetLincoln.com.