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New Lincoln Design Studio in Dearborn, Mich.

One small step for man, one giant leap for for Lincoln design. Yes, Lincoln is taking another step in their journey as they continue to reinvent and evolve the Lincoln brand. The car maker is celebrating the formal opening of its new Lincoln Design Studio in Dearborn, Mich. It is the brand’s first new fully dedicated design center in four decades.

This new facility is located on the campus of Ford Motor Company’s Product Development Center. It is home to a skilled, co-located global team of designers, sculptors, math sculptors and modelers that represent a dozen nationalities.

This design team is part of a dedicated Lincoln Product Development organization, creating four all-new Lincoln vehicles by 2015 to ensure the reinvented brand has a presence in the highest growth segments of the premium market, according to Lincoln.

“We have spent considerable time to develop strong integrated design, engineering and product programs into a common Product Development vision for Lincoln,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development, speaking at the opening program. “Lincoln’s advantage is we can build on the company’s tremendous global product development resources and ensure we continually innovate to develop the best technology and apply it to support the unique Lincoln difference.”

Examples of this approach include, highlighting the all-new Lincoln MKZ’s push-button shift and panoramic glass roof.

“Lincoln’s renaissance is built on our new product lineup and is a personalized experience with designs that deliver on our promise of a personalized motor car: beautiful, elegant, and most of all, surprising,” said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.

The new studio was created to allow designers and engineers to able truly collaborate. Lincoln says the entire space is configured to allow Product Development team members to drop in, have ad-hoc discussions and make impromptu innovative brainstorm sessions the order of the day and not the exception.

The first vehicle to emerge from the studio will be the 2013 MKZ, which goes on sale late this year.

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Motor Trend Puts 2013 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost to the Test

Have you seen the article out from Motor Trend about their first test of the 2013 Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost?  We aren’t surprised to see they have so many great things to say about the all-new MKS. Customers at Planet Lincoln certainly are excited about it.  Check out why Motor Trend likes it and why you will, too.
From Motor Trend:
While the refreshed 2013 Lincoln MKS won’t sway many drivers from their full-size German luxury sedans, the updates are enough to make it a viable alternative to the new Cadillac XTS, Chrysler 300S, and Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec. The revised 2013 MKS is also the luxury brand’s first attempt to lure a younger generation of buyers into showrooms before several hip, new Lincolns arrive mid-decade. The younger generation Lincoln hopes to attract? Tech-savvy 50-somethings. To that end, the 2013 MKS gets a fresh look, sportier driving dynamics, and, of course, an abundance of new tech.

When approaching the 2013 Lincoln MKS for the first time, you realize how much of presence it has. At 205.6-inches long, it’s nearly 10 inches shorter than the dearly departed, standard wheelbase Town Car, but the MKS still looks substantial . Not only is it 2.6 inches taller than the Town Car, but the height of the hood, trunklid, and beltline are higher than those on most cars and even some small crossovers. When entering the cabin, you step over the threshold rather than down into the seats, which provide a commanding view of the road.

For 2013, Lincoln gave the MKS an all-new front clip featuring a prominent split-wing grille that hints at the mug of the 1941 Continental. While the look is controversial, with some suggesting the large car’s new grille looks like the smile of a baleen whale, the new MKS draws stares from other motorists within the targeted audience. The trunklid and rear fascia have been redesigned for a lower lift-over height to ease cargo loading and unloading.

Our tester was powered by the same 365-hp, 350 lb-ft twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 as the Ford Taurus SHO, which ups horsepower by 10 over the 2012 model. All EcoBoost models feature all-wheel drive, and the Lincoln Drive Control system is standard on every 2013 MKS. In sport mode, the system modifies the big Lincoln’s steering feel, engine response, and transmission shift parameters as well as the suspension tune via its new Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) system. The system also loosens the reins on traction and stability control systems for a more spirited drive.

During a weekend trip to San Diego, the drivetrain performed admirably. Even in normal mode the 365-hp EcoBoost engine provides enough grunt to move the 4512-pound car swiftly around slower-moving traffic. At the test track, the big-body Lincoln sprinted to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and finished the quarter-mile in 13.9 seconds at 100.8 mph. Large 13.86-inch front and 13.58-inch rear vented brake rotors brought the MKS to a stop in 120 feet.

With the CCD system set to Sport mode, the MKS feels more confident in corners and freeway interchanges while maintaining a comfortable ride. More than once, the large 20-inch wheel and tire package squealed while going around a corner. In Comfort mode, the MKS seemed to give up some confidence in handling ability, but the ride didn’t seem to improve much. The MKS pulled .84 g around the skidpad and went around the Motor Trend figure eight in 26.1 seconds at a .69 g average. Though the handling isn’t sports car-impressive, it is respectable for a heavy sedan with a 59/41 percent weight split.

In comparison, the MKS EcoBoost is faster than the all-wheel-drive Cadillac XTS4 powered by the 304-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 and the rear-drive Chrysler 300S powered by the 363-hp, 5.7-liter V-8. Those two full-size American sedans reached 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and 5.6 seconds, respectively. The MKS slightly edged out the XTS and 300S around the skidpad, with both competitors managing .83 g. With 429 hp and rear-drive, the Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec out-muscled the MKS EcoBoost to 60 mph with a 4.8 second sprint. Around the skidpad, the Genesis sedan pulled .87 g. All three MKS competitors stopped shorter from 60 mph, with with the XTS and 300S stopping in 116 feet and the 5.0 R-Spec stopping in a sports car-like 109 feet.

With EcoBoost and all-wheel drive, the MKS is EPA-rated at 16/25 mpg city/highway. Over the course of about 260 miles on our trip to San Diego and back, we averaged 19.6 mpg from three-fourths of a tank of fuel. About one-third of the fuel used was in spirited in-town driving. While there’s plenty of room for two front-seat occupants, rear legroom is somewhat compromised for the size of the car, despite its 38.6 inches of legroom made possible by the 112.9-inch wheelbase. The 19.2 cubic-foot trunk swallowed two carry-on suitcases, a gym bag, and a backpack with about three-fourths of the room to spare.

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Early Bird Savings for Leasing a New Lincoln Available for Limited Time

All-New Lincoln MKZ

All-New Lincoln MKZ

The early bird gets the savings! That’s right.  Lincoln recently announced that those who are currently leasing a Lincoln MKZ or Mercury product may be able to terminate their lease up to 6 months  early through the end of the quarter.

The Detroit News reports Lincoln dealers will offer current MKZ lessees the chance to end their lease up to six months early if they trade for a 2012 MKZ.

Lincoln spokesman Timothy Elliott confirmed the move, saying Lincoln MKZ or MKZ Hybrid lessees can waive their leases up to 6 months early if they buy or lease a 2012 MKZ or MKZ Hybrid.

A Lincoln spokesman said the program allows Lincoln MKZ and Mercury lessees the opportunity to get into new Lincoln vehicles “sooner rather than later.” The program lasts through Dec. 31.

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Blast from the Past: 1970 Continental Mark III Lincoln Sales Film – Hollywood Scene

When we came across this 1970 Continental Mark III Lincoln Sales Film highlighting it being the automobile of stars, we just had to share it. Take a look at the new “glamor” paints, Cartier clock and the numerous luxurious amenities. Truly a vehicle for those that demand the very best.

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